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My philosophy
Therapy of Being, Gina Alpe, Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I believe that past experiences and relationships impact how we relate to others and live our lives in the present, and that it is through relationships that we heal. I aim to offer a healthy relational experience to help you connect to yourself more authentically. I facilitate a safe and accepting space for us to co-create a strong, genuine, and trusting relationship through which I help you explore your feelings, needs, thoughts and experiences.


I believe that focusing on nurturing your potential and increasing your self-awareness of how you are undermining your growth can ultimately call forth positive change in your life.


I work holistically. This means I consider the mind, emotions, body, and spirit as a whole, because I believe all aspects are interconnected.

My approach

As an integrative counsellor, I trained in the Clarkson Five Relationship framework which means I focus on the healing aspect of the counselling relationship; there is extensive research that demonstrates that a high-quality relationship predicts positive clinical outcomes, regardless of the approach.

My approach is collaborative and based on mutual understanding. I draw from different approaches (see details below) which allows me to be flexible and offer methods that we both feel will suit you best, always taking your uniqueness as a person into account.

  • Humanistic approaches: based on the belief that we all naturally have the potential to create the life we want, but sometimes difficult life experiences might block this ability. It’s all about self-exploration and increasing self-awareness within a safe and non-judgmental space. I focus on existential, person-centred, phenomenological, and transpersonal therapies.

  • Psychodynamic approaches: focussed on the past and how childhood experiences impact the present and how unconscious motives and beliefs still affect us today. Its aim is to increase self-awareness to help you make the changes that you want in yourself and your life. I focus on attachment with a relational approach.

What I can help with
Counselling online

I am a qualified counsellor working with individuals over the age of 18. I have experience supporting adults who are facing all kinds of challenges, including anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, low-mood, suicidal ideation, anger issues, relationship and family issues, cultural issues, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, sense of personal failure, work problems, career difficulties, isolation, bullying, emotional struggles, health-related issues, sexuality and identity issues, men's and women's issues, loss, and exploring LGBTQ+, meaning of life and spirituality matters, and more.


I can provide counselling in English and Spanish.

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